• Karmaberlin


    ein Kleinod in der Berliner Gastro-Szene – und das nicht nur wegen der hervorragenden, bereits mehrfach ausgezeichneten Küche. Inhaber Falindra Chaulagain bietetnepalesisch-tibetisch-indische Gerichte in angenehm unaufdringlichem und dennoch stilvollem Ambiente:

    Alle Hauptgerichte werden mit lockerem Basmati-Reis und Salat serviert; das typische Bhatura (frittiertes Weißmehlbrot) kommt für 1,50 Euro leider unaufgefordert aber durchaus lecker dazu. Es gibt Tagesangebote (5-6 Euro) am Nachmittag, sechs verschiedene Menüs für eine (ab 14 Euro) bis sechs Personen (ab 62 Euro). Ein Lieferservice bzw. Catering gehören ebenfalls zum Service (Bestellannahme 12-22.45 Uhr, Mindestbestellwert: 8,90 Euro, Anfahrt: 0 Euro, bei Bestellungen ab 15 Eu…

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  • SpongeBobSquarePants250

    Hi everyone!

    A lot of my family is coeliac (they can't eat wheat or gluten) so when I stumbled across this wiki, it immediately went into bookmarks.

    I really like to cook for my family and they tell me I am a really good cook, so I like being experimental and trying new things.

    I contribute a lot to the SpongeBob Wiki , so be sure to look at that :)

    I'll try my hardest to contribute to this one too.

    - SpongeBobSquarePants250

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  • Asnow89

    If you haven't heard about cauliflower crust pizza, then you are behind the times. This new gluten free crust is the latest crave for ALL kinds of eaters. It is a tasty and original twist on traditional pizza. There are a few different ways to make the crust, but the main ingredients generally include cauliflower, eggs, cheese, and spices. There are variations if you are vegan (with crushed almonds).

    Make the crust first and then top it with different kinds of cheeses, vegetables, meat, and more. Some people even, daresay, like cauliflower crust pizza more than flour crust pizza. 

    Here is a recipe that you can make yourself at home:


    • 1 tsp grapeseed oil
    • 1 head cauliflower, blanched
    • 2 small eggs, lightly beaten
    • ½ cup mozzarella cheese, …

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  • Gcheung28


    We wanted to let you all know about a cool Wikia project called the Community Choice Awards! We're basically picking some of the best lifestyle milestones of 2012 and asking the communities to vote for what they think should win!

    We're reaching out because Gluten Free Recipes Wiki has been nominated for Best Food Trend along with Instagramming food, Local sourcing, Kale everywhere, Boutique coffee roasters, Jewish food 2.0, Grandma food (pickling/canning/fermenting), Korean, Chia seeds, and Greek yogurt! If you think your food trend should win, spread the word and come vote!

    Feel free to add to the lists here if you think anything is missing and I hope you enjoy participating in the Community Choice Awards!

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  • DaedalusHowell

    It’s been said that “man doth not live by bread alone,” but he can certainly die from it as two- dozen gluten-intolerant people found out after eating fraudulent “gluten-free” bread.

    The New Observerr reported that “Paul Seelig, 48, was found guilty Monday of 23 counts of obtaining property by false pretense after a trial in which he was painted as a prolific liar. A handful of his former customers attended the two-week trial in Wake County Superior Court, and several testified against him.”

    Though he advertised that his bread was made in a 150,000-square-foot commercial kitchen and that he cultivated his own grains on a 400-acre farm, his company, Great Specialty Products (haha!) actually purchased them from a commercial baker in New Jersey…

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  • MissJewel

    Gluten Free?

    April 1, 2011 by MissJewel

    I have to say I really did not know what gluten free meant until recently. The recipe's that I have seen, and found here and other place's look unbelievably delicious. I will definitely be giving a bunch of these recipe's a try, in particular the Macaroni and Cheese, YUM!

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  • Tacosalad1127

    That is the truth!

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  • DaedalusHowell

    Anyone who came of age in the 70s, 80s or 90s knows the cultural reach and impact of granola bars –at least on one’s brown bag school lunch. There were ubiquitous, consistent and expected –a prepackaged apology for the inevitably squished sandwich that would only see a few token bites before being tossed. However, for those suffering from gluten-intolerance issues such as Celiac Disease, granola bars were far from a lunchtime salvation –they non-existent. Gluten-free granola bars simply didn’t exist, at least not in wide distribution, until now.

    As their PR flak giddily crowed in a recent release, Bakery On Main addresses this grievous oversight with its latest foray into the gluten-free market, Soft & Chewy Gluten Free Granola Bars.

    Bakery …

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  • DaedalusHowell

    Given the recent ubiquity of Gwyneth Paltrow (from Glee to the Oscars and her pro-mommy-lifestyle-themed newsletter GOOP), it’s a wonder that the “G” in the so-called “G-Free” diet doesn’t stand for her first name. Or for that matter, why hasn’t Ms. Paltrow changed her name to “Gluten,” which would not only evoke her dedication to the diet but somehow not seem odd given her children’s names?

    Indeed, the gluten-free diet seems to be all the rage at present. Used to be that gluten-free diets were once the domain of those dealing with celiac disease. Now, however, consumer research group the Hartman Group reports 93% of gluten-free dieters have never been diagnosed with celiac. Instead, it’s just cool. Why? It wouldn’t seem there would be an u…

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  • DaedalusHowell

    For those on gluten- and wheat-free diets, the ultimate comfort food – mac ‘n’ cheese! –has long been verboten. Thankfully, a couple of California-based companies (where else?) have brought a couple of alternatives to the market.

    Annie’s Homegrown, known for its Vermont white cheddar mac ‘n’ cheese and iconic “Bernie the Bunny”, now offers a line of gluten-free products sure to make those with an intolerance to wheat-based foods say “yum,” or whatever a rabbit might say. Among them are Annie’s Rice Pasta & Cheddar, which is indistinguishable from its more traditional cousin. Moreover, a splash of milk and some boiling water and you’re in business in under 9 minutes.

    Likewise, Amy’s, the health-conscious maker of frozen and canned foods, prof…

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  • DaedalusHowell

    Pizza lovers know crust is a must but those with celiac and other gluten-inspired discomforts have often had to do without (remember “Pizza in a Cup” from the Steve Martin flick The Jerk?). Most substitutes have been epic FAILs and the only thing worse than faux dough is no dough. Recently, however, experiments with non-wheat flours have yielded some pizza-worthy alternatives that have caught on with a variety of regional pizza chains.

    Driven more by digestibility of its product for its entire customer base than mere market politics, gluten-free pizza has once seemed like a pain for chains. As awareness of gluten-free dietary needs has blossomed, pizzerias large and small are growing accustomed to making dough in more ways than one.

    Among th…

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  • DaedalusHowell

    For those intolerant to gluten, the protein composite in foods made from wheat, barley or rye products, beer is basically the devil. Most brews are made from fermenting cereals such as a malted barley and wheat, making most a tall, cold pint of dietary hell. Fortunately, Boulder, CO-based New Planet Beer Company offers a line of gluten-free craft beer that they’re rolling out throughout the west and Rock Mountain markets.

    The latest, Off Grid Pale Ale, riffs on the classic pale ale with a recipe from sorghum and brown rice extract, molasses, tapioca maltodextrin, caramel color, hops and, of course, yeast. According to BeerAdvocate, the beer boasts a lean-ish170 calories and is 5% ABV. Dedicated to the gluten-free premise (owing to the dieta…

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  • Icedragon64

    top ten lists?

    November 22, 2010 by Icedragon64

    I can't see how this wiki qualifies for Wikia promotion when one of its four top-row buttons goes to nothing and half the pages are skeletons. Wikia must be desperate.

    Icedragon64 10:44, November 22, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Berniebentablo


    April 13, 2010 by Berniebentablo

    Blog Test

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